Specialist Senior Examiner Recognition

The American Board of Clinical Psychology (ABCP)  has recognized specialists for exceptional service as examiners for their board. The senior examiner designation is awarded to specialists who are board certified in Clinical Psychology, have served on no fewer than 10 board examination committees for ABCP, and have served as exam chair on no fewer than 3 examination committees.

The following specialists were recognized as Senior Examiners in August 2022:
Heather Anson Ph.D., ABPP
Corey Arranz Psy.D., ABPP
Jeffrey Barnett Psy.D., ABPP
Throstur Bjorgvinsson Ph.D., ABPP
Steve Bucky Ph.D., ABPP
Kitty Deering Ph.D., ABPP
Gloria Emmett Ph.D., ABPP
Karen Farrell Psy.D., ABPP
Dennis Girard Ed.D., ABPP, ABMP
Dana Grossman Ph.D., ABPP
Ira Grossman Ph.D., ABPP
Heidi Koehler Ph.D., ABPP
Dave Mather Ph.D., ABPP
Hamid Mirsalimi Ph.D., ABPP
Vladimir Nacev Ph.D., ABPP
Mark Paris Ph.D., ABPP
Meghna Patel Ph.D., ABPP
John Pellitteri Psy.D., ABPP
Lindsay Phillips Psy.D., ABPP
Jackson Rainer Ph.D., ABPP
Alina Suris Ph.D., ABPP